Topic of this year

Sovereignty in times of digital transformation – What does it mean for our society?

The challenge to make self-determined – i.e. sovereign – personal, economic and political decisions is one of the most discussed topics in times of digitalisation. But what makes a person “digitally sovereign”? What does digital sovereignty mean for companies or states? And in what way does the digitalisation with technological developments such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things call this sovereignty into question? How free and fair are elections in times of bots and trolls? And how free and fair is the competition of data-driven business models?

How do cybercrime and digital espionage affect the competitiveness of our economy and our digital value creation? And do we strengthen sovereignty through greater openness or greater isolation from the outside, through more or less (state) control from within?

This year, the Network Technology & Society focuses its activities on these and other questions relating to the topic of sovereignty in times of digital transformation.