Topic of this year

Autonomy in a digital world – how to deal with digital technologies in a sovereign manner

Digital technologies have found their way into all spheres of our everyday lives. Once we have enjoyed the benefits of using them, we no longer want to do without them. They solve all kinds of everyday problems for us, such as quickly booking a car-sharing car, ordering clothes online, submitting a tax return digitally, creating an ETF savings plan, and much more. But they also relieve our boredom, tempt us to make unplanned impulse purchases, make it easier to binge-watch our favorite series, or distract us from what we actually wanted to do in an attention-grabbing way.

Useful on the one hand, controlling and potentially addictive on the other – this is the area of conflict we face every day with the use of digital technologies, and everyone has found their own way of dealing with it. This year, we want to take a closer look and dedicate our annual theme to the question of how we can deal with digital technologies in everyday life in a responsible, self-determined and balanced way.

This year, the Network Technology & Society is addressing a variety of questions around the topic of digital autonomy in our “Perspective Change” formats, among other things.